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March 19, 2018

March 19th 2018

Start naked. That's the simple part. Now for adding the ingredients that are going to be crucial to the rest of your day. No matter how you feel first thing in the morning, the one thing you must do, is dress with confidence. 

A 2017 article by Business Insider notes a 2014 study by Yale, that found: "participants who dressed up were more likely to engage in abstract, big-picture thinking like a CEO". Michael L. Slepian, co-author of the study and an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia Business School, who notes "People who wear that kind of clothing feel more powerful".

So, what exactly does 'dressing powerfully' mean? This is actually, most likely, the simplest question for you to answer. If you don't already know. Start by dressing up. Do Dr. Martins make you feel strong? Perhaps this shade of orange on your tee? How about the Docs, the tee, plus the tweed wool blend Ivy flat cap you wish you wore more often? This part is all about YOU.

Dressing for the office, well, that's a bit different. Check out this blog post from earlier this year for tips and tricks on dressing up for work at 3 different price points.

Until next time, if you can't be nice, be you.

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